Respectable Gentleman Put a Smile on My Face .. I Will Be Sure to Return the Favor..

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Gentleman I cant take anymore rudeness crudeness or language disrespectful in nature..

With all a woman has to deal with in this business, one thing I will not tolerate is vulgar inappropriate language.. 

Callers asking things like "How much dick can you take?"     "Can I cum on Yah face"     " What

 hotel are you in" and what bothers me the most are the guys that call already in motion with the 

stroke using my voice to come to release those are all examples of Non-gentleman like 

behavior. I don't care about the money when it comes to my integrity and boundaries.. That is 

not how a lady does business & yes I am The sexy sweet super squirter.. Only my adorable 

Luvs know that side of me .. There own individual experience of me Calina Ashley... There are rules to this please be mindful that...

  • Police use explicit language to entrap you over the phone...(Keeps Calls casual & Quick)
  • Newbies!!! I don't give my location of hotel until your nearby!!! Please Don't Ask!!
  • Only call when ready to make appointment.. Time wasters will be blocked
  • If I can't verify you, you don't get Calina Ashley Pleasure...
  • I'm sketchy about outcalls, to many times i was giving the wrong address.. I have no time or gas to waste.. Again!!! If I can't Verify you, You don't get Calina Ashley Experience..
  • Any explicit Language will disconnect call... Please be a gentleman..